How to Choose Affordable Game Machine Accessories

As a terminal venue operator, when you buy a game machine, the primary consideration may be the price of the machine. As a game machine manufacturer, when you buy the machine accessories, the primary consideration may be also the price of accessories. In other words, game machine manufacturers would choose cheaper accessories in order to compress costs. So, have you ever thought about and calculated the losses caused by cheap and poor quality accessories?

From the point of view of the playground venue operator, when you buy a machine, the idea is that it can operate every day, as a way to gain revenue. So if the machine’s parts are inferior and often have problems, what is the costing of the parts at this time?

When the machine breaks down, the machine has to be stopped and the revenue is zero. After that, you still need to find a technician for repair. First, they will test the machine and detect where the problem is. Secondly, they will buy the right parts and replace them. This is very costly for the venue dealer as a terminal, like repair cost, purchase cost, time cost, labor cost, etc.

Choose a relatively expensive but high-quality arcade accessories will be far better than the cheap but poor quality, because the comparison will be more affordable.

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