Multiple Profits of Family Amusement Park

In recent years, with the gradual maturation of the amusement park development model, the profit model has become more and more diversified. There are fewer and fewer parks that rely solely on ticket revenue, but rather in the direction of a diversified profit model. A variety of profit models open up the consumption patterns. However, in order to enter a variety of revenue-generating situation, naturally there is no shortage of profitable operational skills, such as proactive and friendly service and standardized [...]

How to Choose Affordable Game Machine Accessories

As a terminal venue operator, when you buy a game machine, the primary consideration may be the price of the machine. As a game machine manufacturer, when you buy the machine accessories, the primary consideration may be also the price of accessories. In other words, game machine manufacturers would choose cheaper accessories in order to compress costs. So, have you ever thought about and calculated the losses caused by cheap and poor quality accessories? From the point of view of [...]

New South Wales Bowling Department Opens

The Entertainment and Education Group (TEEG) opened a bowling center in eiravala, New South Wales, Australia. Teeg has been extensively redesigned to accommodate new attractions and time zones in the same location. Kane Fong, general manager of Australian bowling era, said he had carefully considered the construction plan of the stadium. There are now 24 bowling alleys, a new cafe and a new bar, a banquet area and a VIP exhibition hall. There are 90 new games in the hall, winner’s basement, trading [...]

What Are The Good Qualities of A Good Accessory?

Good accessories have a long service life. In order to save costs, some operators will buy a low-end accessories gift machine. But such a gift machine is easy to break, the later maintenance costs are higher. Not only did not save costs, and the loss caused to the site is big. If the accessories are of good quality, it can be a good solution to this concern of manufacturers and venue operators. Good accessories are highly sensitive. For example, the joysticks [...]

The Details of Game Machine Accessories Can Not Be Ignored

Looking around the whole game amusement industry, the reason of why some enterprises can be bigger and stronger is the trustworthy brand image, product innovation and perfect after-sales service. The whole image of a brand can not be built without the enterprise’s persistent requirements for product quality, and it is this strict requirements for the quality of their own products can make the enterprise’s products step by step to win the recognition of end customers. For the quality of the [...]

Quest FEC Opens In Kuwait

After interrupted by the pandemic, Al Shaya Group opened a new Quest FEC in The Avenues shopping mall in Kuwait last week. As a local company, Al Shaya seeks to expand across the region through its entertainment business. The essence of Quest is to combine family-oriented high-tech sports and social activities. The company is the main force in the local retail industry, franchising a number of international brands. It has a strong influence in Russia, Turkey, Europe and the Middle East [...]

The Joy of The Jordanian Family Is Fully Returned to Action

Except for the need to wear masks in family entertainment centers, all current restrictions on the entertainment industry in Jordan have been lifted. Michel Koborsi, owner of the new Ryze High trampoline park in the center of the capital Amman, told InterGame this weekend: “We were allowed to reopen in June, but the capacity was reduced to 50% and we must wear masks. But now everything is back to normal. ” Koborsi said his park opened last year with his partner [...]

The Saudi Entertainment Show Has Begun

The 3rd Saudi Entertainment Expo and Summit opened last week at the Frontline Exhibition Center in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.   There was a large number of registered visitors from Saudi Arabia. Inevitably, as the travel embargo is effective for many people, there are very few people from western countries. But some industry folks in neighboring Middle Eastern countries are visible. There are 120 exhibitors in this exhibition, including some well-known companies in the supply sector, represented by local distributors. Due [...]

Mixed Australian Industrial Assets

Australian clubs and bars are reported to have seen a 65% drop in revenue this year, and FEC revenue has performed quite well during the pandemic. According to InterGame, despite a rapid blockade, the situation is improving, as 50% of the population now has at least one dose of the vaccine. Government sources said Australia’s gambling tax fell 13.1% from 2020, with the biggest drop in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. The culprit in the autumn was a [...]

Family Entertainment Centre Group Suffers In Lockdown

Adbul Mohsen Al Hokair Group, the largest FEC operator in the Middle East, lost 69.95 million rials (15.9 million euros) in the second quarter, while its net profit for the same period in 2020 was 2.07 million. (471.9 million euros). The quarter’s loss increased by 17.67%, while the first quarter’s loss was just over 60 million rials (13.6 million euros). In a statement released by the Saudi Tadawul Stock Exchange, the company said the loss for the quarter was due to [...]