English Arcades, FECs Can Reopen Soon

Coinop Spare received the latest news.   The British government announced that the entertainment venues and FEC in the UK will be reopened from May 17.   This is part of the four-phase restart plan announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson last night. Bars and dealer shops will be opened in phases along with other retail stores (including adult game centers and casinos). All venues will be subject to “vacation time” restrictions, the number of visits will be limited, and only two machines can be [...]

Brief Introduction of TSG2 Padlock

Coinop Spare Ltd. supplies all the arcade accessories, like cam locks, tokens, redemption tickets, pad locks, etc. TSG2 padlocks have won wide popularity in different countries, such as Thailand, Britain, South Africa and so on. There are 3 sizes for TSG2 padlock – 40mm, 50mm and 60mm at length. It is no problem to engrave your company name on the padlock. Which size do you prefer? Please check and let me know quantity you need, as a rule, the larger the order, the lower the price. Welcome to [...]

Happy Chinese New Year of The Ox!

Happy Chinese New Year of The Ox! May the year of the Ox be healthy and prosperous! We will go hand in hand and create brilliant in new year 2021! If we can be of any help to you, please feel free to contact us. Coinop Spare Ltd. will continue to provide you with our best service!  

How to Choose Laundry Token?

Self-service laundromat is getting more and more popular worldwide in these few years, especially in Southeast Asia. Doing laundry is no longer a chore with our self-service laundries. You can forget about the back-breaking chore of hanging out your laundry and praying for good weather. Just bring along your laundry to our outlets – there is no need to bring washing powder as our machines are all equipped to automatically inject liquid soap, softener and disinfectant. There are plenty [...]

Why Should You Choose Game Tokens?

First of all, using game tokens, you can freely choose various reward coin discount modes. You can also flexibly match activities with nearby businesses, such as giving away coins to attract customers to play, stimulate their interest, and encourage them to spend, which will increase your turnover. Second, the game tokens are excellent in durability and favorable in price. If you are a venue operator, choosing to use game tokens can reduce your costs. We recommend using stainless steel with 25*1.85mm which is [...]

Applications of Our Tokens

Coinop Spare is a professional token manufacturer, we can make tokens with any size any design as per customers’ request. And the tokens can be used in different fields of applications. Our tokens can be used in Amusement Token, Gaming Token, Casino Token, Car Wash Token, Laundry Token, Board Game Token, Promotion Token and so on. Just please send inquiry to us, we will provide our best solution for you!!

Problems in Management of FEC Members

At present, there are many problems in the management of many children’s playground business members, such as: 1. Excessive attention to the development of new members, lacking of maintenance services for old members, and insensitive to the loss of old members. 2. Customers are not subdivided, the frequency of member communication is too high, the purpose of communication is too direct, causing harassment and resentment, the communication channel is single, and the communication habits of customers are not understood. 3. The collection of [...]

How to Order Tokens?

How to order tokens from us? Generally as below – Firstly, choose what kind of material you prefer to and let us know the token size if you have specifications. Usually the materials we use to produce tokens are stainless steel, brass, red copper, iron and so on. Secondly, you can send us your logo or design elements for the tokens, we can make design draft for you. Thirdly, after confirming the material, size and design for the token, we’ll issue the proforma [...]

Brief Introduction of Redemption Tickets

Coinop Spare Ltd. supplies the widest range of game parts in good quality. It is no problem for us to make redemption tickets with your request. The design format can be JPEG, PDF, CDR OR AI. There are two types of redemption tickets we usually make, one is used of coated paper and the other is used of offset paper which is more favorable. And full size redemption tickets of 160g or 180g offset paper is quite popular adopted in the [...]

Brief Introduction of Token Materials

Coinop Spare Ltd. is a professional token manufacturer. The material we used to make tokens are brass, stainless steel, red copper, cupronickel, zinc alloy, iron and so on. Stainless steel token is the first choice as its cost performance is best, quality is good and price is not high. Brass token is very good also, the token colors can be golden, silver, bronze and so on. Just please send us email to inquire, we will recommend the most suitable one for your project.

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