Smart multi Mixed coin hopper and recycler


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The SMART Hopper is a state of the art multi-coin hopper and recycler that eliminates coin starvation. Boasting a market leading mixed coin capacity, the SMART Hopper removes the need for multiple hoppers, maximising cash efficiency.

The SMART Hopper reduces the cost of handling coins internally, eliminating the need for multiple hoppers & sorters. Operating at an industry leading 12 coins per second the SMART Hopper is a true multi-coin payout unit capable of accepting all coins passed through the coin mechanism.


  • State of the art multi coin hopper & recycler
  • Technologically advanced
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • High security
Requirements: 24 V
Standby: 200 mA
Running: 3 A
Peak: 6.5 A
Payout Speed
Up to 12 coins per second
Mixed Coin Capacity
€2 x 200 + €1 x 750
+ 50c x 500
Coin Capacity
1500 (€1)
1300 (£1)
800 (£2)
Coin Dimensions
Diameter: 18 – 28.5 mm
Thickness: 1.65 – 3.2 mm
USB with IF17
Open collector
Multi Denomination
Up to 11 denominations
2.4 kg empty
13.7 kg full



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