The Operating Principle of Token Acceptor

When the token is inserted, the comparison coil induces a comparative voltage which is sent to the operational amplifier 4558 for comparison and amplification. If the token is with same factors as the pre-set sample token, the 4558 will generate a control signal and send it to the CPU.

1. Insert the token into the token slot. The token can open the mechanism through its own physical factors, such as weight, diameter, thickness, material, structure, etc., so that the lock can be rotated and opened.

2. After the lock is opened, the customer can use the function of the item. After the use is completed, the lock will automatically restore to the original locked state, and can be opened again after the next token.

3. Coin-operated locks are divided into purely mechanical and automatic types. They are mainly used in self-service equipment, which is convenient for customers to use the equipment without manual assistance.

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