Australian Arcade Operators Feel Pressured

Australia’s JobKeeper program is designed to help companies retain employees during work stoppages. The program has been completed, so the arcade operators are struggling.

AMOAQ president Mark Schneider wrote in the business magazine NAMOA Collector that restrictions on the virus will continue within 12 months. “I have been told that various vaccines are being introduced, I hope they will be effective. At the same time, Brisbane has begun a three-day lockdown since March 29, and lockdowns and restrictions are still in progress.

This type of blockade continues throughout the country, and the conclusion drawn through the Job Keeper program is that the impact on certain people and businesses will be serious. The reality is that many companies simply cannot continue to maintain their finances indefinitely, especially after support such as Job Jober disappears. ”

Schneider pointed out that in last year, as some companies closed down and people withdrew from the industry, the industry suffered numerous losses. “The difficult time is not over. Unfortunately, for some people, the worst has yet to come.”

He urged Member States to take action before falling into a crisis. “Make difficult decisions and changes; the sooner you make it, the more time and choice you will have, which will allow you to achieve better results in the long run.”

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