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Virginia Opened $8m FEC

Richmond RVA Park is a new entertainment facility with various attractions to choose from. Here’s to richmond. com, the 55000 square feet of open space will open on November 30. Air Park is a website for virtual golf, 18 alley ducks, indoor mini golf, karaoke and comedy clubs. The greenhouse inside will give you modifiers. along with the garden of a bar 60 feet long, said to be the largest bar in Virginia, and a restaurant. We supply millions of redemption tickets and game [...]

A Huge Saudi Project, Including Entertainment

The ambitious Al Murabaa project in the Saudi capital Riyadh will feature more than 80 state-of-the-art entertainment and cultural venues. The project will create “the world’s largest modern shopping mall”, complete with walkways, a multi-purpose theater and an iconic museum. The defining feature will be a cubical building called “The Cube”, which will be “the world’s first immersive experience destination” and feature experiences created through digital, virtual technology and the latest holograms. Middle East is one of our most important market, purchasing [...]

FEC Store Opening In Canada

Mississauga, Ontario has a new destination for family fun this summer. The Japanese-style Gatcha Playground at Square One Mall will feature a range of multi-use entertainment, including 20 claw machines, an obstacle course, a playground and slides. Item Live reports that each claw machine will be modified for more dynamic gameplay, with owner Jason Liane commenting that there are “over 50 different variations” including scissor machines and dual claw machines. The construction of a new TEC in the district is underway, its [...]

ATRAX 2023 End of Show Report

We are happy to have met you on 12-14 January 2023 in Istanbul at ATRAX Expo and VENDEX , FENS and AQUAFUN organizations within the scope of the exhibition. The organization, which we have been preparing for a long time and planning every detail meticulously, has been crowned with success for all of us with high visitor interest. A total of 22605 professional visitors, including 6330 foreign visitors, met in Istanbul to see the products and services exhibited by 196 suppliers and [...]

Development of An Important Entertainment Complex in Africa

There are more details about many Zangebar’s local areas in Tanzania. According to the tourist world, Jhil Enterprises, a developer in India, behind the 30 million construction complex. Found in Funba Shangcheng Development Zone. According to Guardian, this is the first project in Africa, which includes entertainment, as a sports area of 12 facilities, five of which are governed by the Norwegian Sports Management Company, a theatre and cultural architect, a commercial village with general food and tea, a entertainment site [...]

F1 Arcade Will Open in London

The premier digital improvement platform is open in London, UK. F1 Akkad in London is its first factory, which will open on 24 November. The report will investigate The company center is located in a new center of change in São Paulo. It will have 60 car simulators and users can compete in the big price circle. Adam Breeden, founder and CEO, has also replaced other destinations in London, such as Bounce, Flight Club and Puttshack, creating a new way [...]

How to Increase the Frequency of Consumers Coming to the FEC

First of all, FEC operators can design children’s activity space suitable for different age groups. Secondly, FEC operators can make full use of advanced technology and cultural heritage to blend with the amusement facilities. FEC mainly gives a new immersive experience to enhance consumer stickiness, and businesses can easily install the equipment and enjoy free updates. Coinop Spare supplies arcade parts for FEC, if you are interested in arcade parts, please feel free to contact us.

CEC Opens FEC in Suriname

This week it was announced that Suriname, South America has the first Chuck E Cheese FEC. FEC and pizza chain Chuck E Cheese have opened their first location in Suriname, South America. David McKillips, CEO of CEC Entertainment, said: “Given the geographic segmentation of the Caribbean market, the Master Franchise Agreement gives existing strong franchise partners the autonomy to develop smaller but culturally similar franchises. Joanna Rostant, director of Yay Entertainment, said: “This allows us to export goods, services and human [...]

Al Hokair opens the Cocomelon series

Al Hokair Group, the leading FEC operator in the Middle East, has signed an exclusive agreement with Moonbug Entertainment to open the Cocomelon FEC in the region. Last month, Al Hokair, the largest FEC operator in the Middle East, announced an exclusive deal with Dave & Buster’s to open a range of facilities in Saudi Arabia. Moonbug Entertainment is an award-winning global entertainment company that runs some of the most popular kids’ games. Moonbug shows feature popular characters such as Cocomeron [...]

Timezone Opens 250th FEC

Entertainment and Education Group (TEEG) has launched its 250th FEC time zone in Australia. The location is located in Victoria’s Westfield Plenty Valley and is about to take place in the spring school holidays. Australian Time Zone and Bowling Area General Manager Kane Fong said the FEC will cover 1,500 square metres. “We’re focused on delivering the latest experiences in person, from old favorites to the latest virtual reality and interactive game releases.” Guests can choose from over 110 arcade games, a [...]