CEC Opens FEC in Suriname

This week it was announced that Suriname, South America has the first Chuck E Cheese FEC.

FEC and pizza chain Chuck E Cheese have opened their first location in Suriname, South America. David McKillips, CEO of CEC Entertainment, said: “Given the geographic segmentation of the Caribbean market, the Master Franchise Agreement gives existing strong franchise partners the autonomy to develop smaller but culturally similar franchises.

Joanna Rostant, director of Yay Entertainment, said: “This allows us to export goods, services and human knowledge.

Yay has partnered with Blue Falcon NV of Suriname to build a new venue in Paramaribo, an 11,000 square meter FEC with an interactive dance floor, party room and VR arena, a first in the region.

CEC is one of the biggest FEC operators in the world, they need many amusement tokens, redemption tickets and so on.