English Arcades, FECs Can Reopen Soon

Coinop Spare received the latest news.


The British government announced that the entertainment venues and FEC in the UK will be reopened from May 17.


This is part of the four-phase restart plan announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson last night.

Bars and dealer shops will be opened in phases along with other retail stores. All venues will be subject to “vacation time” restrictions, the number of visits will be limited, and only two machines can be used.

Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will have their own reopening schedules, but all these rules will pass a series of tests to monitor the progress of the fight against Covid-19 before the restrictions are relaxed. In fact, the bar is only allowed to open before April 12, but only for outdoor sales.

Similarly, zoos, theme parks and self-driving cinemas can also reopen before April 12.

Due to continued success in the fight against the pandemic, all restrictions will be lifted on June 21.


Are the UK operators ready? Do you need any game parts, like tokens, redemption tickets and so on? Just please feel free to contact us for any inquires, thanks!