How Can Children’s Playgrounds Achieve Stable Development During the Off-season

The off-season is less crowded and business is slower. At this time, the children’s amusement park team needs to be strengthened.

In addition to the profitability of tickets and membership cards in the off-season, what are the more profitable profit models to increase the park’s income?

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Firstly, running a children’s amusement park is not just about selling tickets and memberships, you can plan a separate area in the children’s amusement park for merchandise sales. The merchandise can be sold in the direction of children’s toys, food and play, such as children’s toys, drinks and snacks, socks, plush dolls, souvenirs, children’s books and so on.

Secondly, through cooperation with the surrounding educational institutions, the main such as themed birthday parties, garden parties and other activities are held from time to time. Not only is it conducive to improving the visibility and influence of the children’s park, using each other’s consumer groups and images to achieve the conversion of customer volumes and bring greater revenue possibilities to each.

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