How to Do The Promotion of Gift Machines

First, we need to follow the principle of relative fairness.

In the past, the misconception of the principle of using the gift machine is to let the customers catch the gifts as far as possible. And now the game generally requires to follow the “relative fairness principle” to “try to let customers grab gifts” on the basis of ensuring profitability. Customers successfully catching the gifts will drive a lively atmosphere at the scene, and at the same time will arouse the interest of other customers in the gift machine, which can also obtain good publicity effect.

Second, the odds of winning should not be set too difficult.

If there are multiple gift machines in the same venue, it is best to have one gross margin to be set lower. On the basis of ensuring profitability, try to let customers get gifts. The more expensive gifts can be appropriately increased in difficulty, and then later to see the player feedback and then make appropriate adjustments.

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