Mixed Australian Industrial Assets

Australian clubs and bars are reported to have seen a 65% drop in revenue this year, and FEC revenue has performed quite well during the pandemic.

According to InterGame, despite a rapid blockade, the situation is improving, as 50% of the population now has at least one dose of the vaccine.

Government sources said Australia’s gambling tax fell 13.1% from 2020, with the biggest drop in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. The culprit in the autumn was a pandemic that closed bars, clubs and others in establishments with machines, as well as for most of June.

FEC market on June 30 this year, turnover has increased significantly since the end of the financial year compared to turnover in the three or four months of last year’s closure. However, since July this year, New South Wales and Victoria have consistently implemented quarantines, leading to large FEC deficits and attractions in these states.

A well-known operator told InterGame: “Overall, in the absence of blocking or restrictions on transactions, the volume of transactions in the FEC industry is well ahead of previous years and well ahead of the pre-epidemic period of 2019.”

He added: “I think the high demand during the restriction period was due to depressive factors, and Australians are not able to travel abroad, so the audience is stuck.”

Coinop Spare has been establishing long term cooperation with many FECs in Australia, supplying tokens, redemption tickets and so on. We hope the pandemic will pass away soon.