Why The Game Console Is Getting More And More Popular

Game consoles are designed to be user-friendly, with easy-to-understand interfaces and simple controls that do not require advanced technical knowledge. Game consoles have exclusive titles that are only available on their platform, which can attract consumers who want access to specific games. Gaming consoles provide a platform to connect and play with others across the world, creating an incredibly immersive experience. Overall, game consoles provide a unique gaming experience that cannot be found on other platforms, which makes them increasingly popular. Coinop Spare supplies arcade parts for amusement [...]

Funcity Opens FEC in Kerala, India

FEC brand “Fun City” has opened its first store in the Indian state of Kerala. The 18,500 sq ft site is located in Forum Mall, Kochi. The venue is suitable for children aged 1-12 and features a multi-level soft play structure offering over 100 activities, including big and small games, video games and skill games with treats and rewards. The brand recently opened a store in the newly opened Phoenix Mall of Asia in Bangalore (Bangalore). Founded in 1999, Fun City is the [...]

Where To Find A Reliable Game Tokens Manufacturer

There are many reliable game tokens manufacturers around the world, and Coinop Spare is an outstanding supplier from China. Just come and make an inquiry, our game tokens won’t let you down. It is essential to conduct proper research, read reviews, and compare pricing among different manufacturers to find the right one for you. Be sure to ask about minimum order requirements, payment and delivery methods, and how long it will take the manufacturer to fulfill your order. Coinop Spare offers arcade parts, like [...]

Australia’s New Timezone And Revamped Bowling Alley

A new dual entertainment venue has opened in the Australian city of Blacktown, consisting of a refurbished existing regional bowling alley and a new Timezone venue. Attractions include more than 100 games, bowling, laser tag, bumper cars and more. The new venue will also include a party room. Kane Fong, general manager of Time Zone and Zone Bowling Australia, said: “We are delighted to be able to bring the magic of Time Zone and the excitement of Zone Bowling to the Blacktown [...]

2023 Annual Promotion Begins!

Coinop Spare’s annual promotion is here again – 3% discount is offered on all items for orders placed in December 2023! If you have any purchase plan for the game parts, such as tokens, redemption tickets, coin acceptors, cam locks and so on, please don’t miss this great promotion time! Welcome to Coinop Spare!

Timezone plans new headquarters in Australia

A new Time Zone location is planned to open in a suburb of Sydney, Australia. The new store will open in Cronulla’s main shopping district and the renovation will cost about A$1 million (US$634,200). It replaces a former supermarket that closed in 2022 and the space has been vacant since then. Plans submitted to the council confirm the center will include a redemption desk and several party rooms, while much of the space will be taken up by a row of slot [...]

The role of coin dispenser

Coin dispensers are machines that dispense coins in specific denominations. These machines are commonly found in supermarkets, vending machines, laundromats, and amusement centers. The role of coin dispenser is to provide customers with exact change or a predefined amount of coins. This saves time and effort for both the customers and the businesses that use them. Additionally, coin dispensers can keep track of the amount of coins they dispense, making it easier for businesses to keep track of their finances. Coinop Spare supplies coin [...]

Seven plans new Saudi entertainment destination

Saudi Entertainment Ventures, part of the country’s public investment fund, has announced the construction of a new SAR 1.1 billion ($293 million) entertainment destination near the Saudi city of Yanbu. Located on Al Nawras Island’s Red Sea Promenade, the venue spans over 36,000 square meters and is designed to play a central role in the city’s local entertainment industry. It will offer a range of attractions, including carnival rides, a 10-screen cinema, bowling, indoor golf and a climbing centre. The site’s architecture [...]

The Role of Coin Hopper

The coin hopper is a mechanical device used in coin-operated machines which store and dispense coins. Its main role is to securely hold and manage a large quantity of coins, allowing the machine to accept payments and provide change to users. When a user inserts a coin into the machine, it is typically directed into the coin hopper. The hopper uses a series of compartments or tubes to separate and organize the different denominations of coins. This makes it easier for the machine to [...]

Brief Introduction of The Arcade Parts

Arcade parts refer to the various components and accessories required to construct an arcade cabinet. These parts include joysticks, buttons, control panels, trackballs,  power supplies, and so on. Arcade parts are designed to provide durability and smooth gameplay experience. They are often used by arcade enthusiasts and retro gamers to build their custom arcade machines for home use or commercial purposes. The quality of arcade parts is crucial for smooth and responsive gameplay, and they are manufactured to withstand heavy usage and deliver optimal performance. Coinop [...]