UAE FECs Group Hit By Pandemic Downturn

The Majid Al Futtaim Group, a major shopping mall developer headquartered in the UAE, has its own entertainment division, which includes the Magic Planet chain, and the company reported that due to Covid revenue decline. The revenue of MAF, which has 43,000 employees, fell 7% to 8.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, while its revenue fell 19% to 1 billion U.S. dollars. All these figures are suppressed by viruses and lockdown restrictions. The leisure and entertainment sector suffered the most, with [...]

The Role of Micro Switches

The micro switch is small in profile. It is a kind of quick change-over switch that applies pressure to actuate. It is named micro switch because the contact switch spacing is relatively small. The switch has a tiny contact spacing and a quick-acting structure. The contact structure is covered by an enclosure and has an external actuator for switching action with a specified stroke and force. Coinop Spare supplies many kinds of micro switches, pls feel free to contact us if you [...]

The Role of the Coin Hopper

The coin hopper is mainly responsible for the work of ejecting tokens, and this work is actually quite important. In case of failure, a large amount of tokens will be spit out and the loss will be serious. This is why machines with motors are basically designed with preventive circuitry. This means that in case of failure, an alarm will be issued. If you are interested in coin hoppers, please feel free to contact us. Coinop Spare Ltd supplies a series of arcade parts.

Why Is The Game Machine In The Arcade Favored By Children

In fact, those gifts redeemed with redemption tickets are not expensive and people can buy them at the nearby shopping malls. However, it is a fun experience for children to get redemption tickets through coins, observation and experience of the game process, and then exchange them for their favorite gifts. Parents also tend to try out the game with their children, in the process adults can also be fully relaxed and form a warm and good interaction with the children, this is one of [...]

Australian Arcade Operators Feel Pressured

Australia’s JobKeeper program is designed to help companies retain employees during work stoppages. The program has been completed, so the arcade operators are struggling. AMOAQ president Mark Schneider wrote in the business magazine NAMOA Collector that restrictions on the virus will continue within 12 months. “I have been told that various vaccines are being introduced, I hope they will be effective. At the same time, Brisbane has begun a three-day lockdown since March 29, and lockdowns and restrictions are still [...]

What is The Redemption Ticket From The Game Console in The Game Room?

These redemption tickets are similar to the points and can be redeemed for prizes in the game room. The better you play the game, the more the tickets you will get, which means more points. People can collect the tickets and take them to the service counter to calculate points. The prizes at the service counter are marked with the corresponding number of points, and you can redeem the corresponding prizes according to the number of accumulated points. Game room generally refers to [...]

Mobile Payment is Very Popular, Why We Still Choose Tokens?

First, for children without mobile phones or middle-aged and elderly people who don’t know how to make mobile payments, using tokens is very convenient. Second, it is full of sense of presence and ritual when playing with game coins. Trying to hold a bunch of tokens, what everyone sees is the power and excitement of the game. With the decrease of tokens, the desire to conquer has become stronger and stronger. This kind of experience cannot be replaced by virtual scan code [...]

Why Should We Choose Tokens?

In the course of arcade development, tokens have become the protagonist of coin acceptors. The reasons why we should choose token are as follows:   First, it is easy to adjust the price for the games. For example, for the same value tokens, the crane machine merchants can flexibly change the exchange rate according to the revenue of the crane machine or promotional activities, such as 1 euro for 2 coins, 2 euros for 5 coins, etc. The different settings of currency values affect [...]

Saudi Amusement Show Postponed to September

The Saudi Entertainment and Entertainment Expo is the latest victim of the Covid-19 pandemic: it has been postponed to September.   The SEA show is scheduled to take place in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia, from 1 to 3 June. Now, the organizers of the Dubai DMG event have postponed September 7 to September 9.   The company said in a statement released yesterday: “In the past few months, when we have all embarked on Covid’s recovery journey, we have been surprised by [...]

German Arcades Hope to Reopen in Mid-March

Coinop Spare Ltd. receives news from the media. Despite Germany’s firm blockade, some of the 16 federal states still want to get rid of restrictions, which will allow arcades and entertainment venues to open earlier. Newspapers report that Prime Minister Angela Merkel is facing a rebellion from some local governments. Some companies, especially garden centers, flower shops and nail salons, are allowed to reopen in several German states. A poll showed that more than 50% of Germans support relaxing the restrictions. But insiders [...]

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