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Amusment Gaming Arcade Machine Power Supply Wiring. Best price for all arcade game parts shipped from China factory directly, including token, redemption ticket, coin acceptor, cam lock, coin hopper, arcade power supply and so on.

Amusment Gaming Arcade Machine Power Supply Wiring

Arcade psu

Model:CS9916A-24 arcade power supply wiring   

Specs:5V0.5-12A 12V0.2-6A 24V0.2-1.5A   



* Universal AC input/ Full range
* Low cost, high reliability
* High efficiency, low working temperature
* Built-in EMI filter
* 100% full load burn-in test
* Low ripple & noise
* Protections: short circuit/overload/over voltage


*Input Voltage———————-115/230VAC

*Input frequency——————-47—63Hz

*Inrush current———————cold start, 20A at 115V, 40A at 230V

*Overload protection————–105%–150% hiccup mode, auto-recovery

*Over voltage protection———115%—135% rated output voltage

*Setup, rise, hold up time——–200ms, 50ms, 20ms

*Withstand voltage—————-I/P—O/P, I/P—FG: 1.5KV, 1 minute

*Working temperature————0-50℃ @ 100%, -10℃ @ 80%, 60℃ @ 60% load

*Safety standards——————UL1950, EN60950, CB, CE

*Connection————————-8P/9.5mm pitch terminal block with cover

*Net weight————————-0.58kg

 Model   Output  Tol.  R&N Effi.
 CS9916A  5V,0.5-12A  ±2%  30mV  79%
   12V,6A  ±5%  120mV  
   24V,1.5A   ±5%  200mV


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