Queensland New Timezone

Indooroopilly, a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, is the latest recipient of TEEG’s investment in FEC operations in the country.

The TEEG will launch one of its Timezone branches in the heart of the Indooropilly shopping centre – its 52nd in Australia on 1,700sqm.

The city, located near the big city of Brisbane, has its new FEC open during school holidays. Timezone and Zone Bowling Australia CEO Kane Fong said: “We are very careful when choosing the right gaming and entertainment options for our new time zone. Leisure is a precious commodity for all of us and we think carefully about how we use it; Whether you’re planning a relaxing birthday party or just adding more fun to your everyday life.”

Indooroophilly Timezone will include a set of bumpers, seven 10-bowling lanes, a laser tag for up to 24 players and over 100 arcade games. There will be a ballroom to complete the installation.

The site will open on June 25.

We are proud to say that we have been establishing long term cooperation with many customers in Australia, like Timezone, Funhouse and so on, to supply tokens, redemption tickets and so on.