Quest FEC Opens In Kuwait

After interrupted by the pandemic, Al Shaya Group opened a new Quest FEC in The Avenues shopping mall in Kuwait last week.

As a local company, Al Shaya seeks to expand across the region through its entertainment business. The essence of Quest is to combine family-oriented high-tech sports and social activities.

The company is the main force in the local retail industry, franchising a number of international brands. It has a strong influence in Russia, Turkey, Europe and the Middle East and North Africa, with shops, cafes and restaurants and its own entertainment venues.

The Quest brand is described as an “urban playground” with two internal arenas, each of which contains multiple complex but interconnected activity areas. Junior Tag Arena is unique to the company and designed for children under 8 years of age. The second court is open to anyone taller than 120 cm.

Both arenas have competitions that combine physical and mental challenges. According to a computer-controlled scoring system, they are placed on “labels” of two arenas and different activities, and these labels will emit different colors.

Players accumulate points through a wristband equipped with an electronic sensor, which automatically connects to the light source of the tag, and accumulates more points as more tags are reached. Strategies play an important role in the label collection process. Each game lasts 20 minutes with a short break because Quest includes some sports activities.

Al Shaya operates KidZania and Tekzone in Kuwait.

Coinop Spare is happy to read this news, because the FEC is moving in a good direction after the pandemic. More customers will order more game tokens and redemption tickets.