Why Should We Choose Tokens?

In the course of arcade development, tokens have become the protagonist of coin acceptors.

The reasons why we should choose token are as follows:


First, it is easy to adjust the price for the games. For example, for the same value tokens, the crane machine merchants can flexibly change the exchange rate according to the revenue of the crane machine or promotional activities, such as 1 euro for 2 coins, 2 euros for 5 coins, etc. The different settings of currency values affect the circulation of their own. The cost has no effect, and it is difficult to achieve with real money of specific face value.


Second, the production cost of tokens is cheaper than real coins of the same specifications. The high cost performance greatly reduces the circulation cost of arcade games.


Third, it can attract players to continue to consume. Due to the exchange settings of game currency (such as buying 50 and getting 10 free) and the continuous consumption psychology of arcade games, most people will not choose to exchange one currency at a time and play only once, and tokens can only be used to play games. Therefore, no matter how much money is exchanged, it is inevitable to spend all the game coins.


If you operate a game room, or a amusement center, it is good for you to choose game tokens for your business.