WoG Signs New Saudi Channel FEC

Dubai-based reseller Warehouse of Games has struck a lucrative deal with Saudi Arabia’s new FEC channel during the SEA Expo in Riyadh.

WoG and FunTura CEO Omar Ebdah lead Nabil Kassim (left) and Yuhanis Nawasreh (right). It was announced at the show that FunTura will open a series of FECs in Saudi Arabia, starting later this year and continuing into next year.

After the show, Kasim commented: “It’s been a huge success for us. We’ve signed a lot of good contracts and we’ll be announcing the details of those contracts in the coming weeks. We’ll have to meet a lot more Alumni friends, we have exhibited games like Adrenaline, Raw Thrills, Wahap, TouchMagix, VEX, Face Place, Memo Park, ICE, Baohui, Super Wing, WIK, etc.

“The feedback has been excellent; sometimes we have people standing in line for 30 minutes to access new games, especially the Face Place Marvel photo booth.”

“KSA is such a huge new market and will host a range of new projects from top companies such as SEVEN and Al Hokair,” he added.

Coinop Spare is proud to say that we have been establishing long term cooperation with many customers in Middle East, to suppy arcade tokens, redemption tickets and so on.