U.S. FEC Business “back like an avalanche”

Business in the US FECs industry has “returned like an avalanche”, said Pete Gustafson, vice president of AMOA, the operators’ trade association.

Gustafson said in a recent edition of the organisation’s newsletter Loose Change: “From the very first event I attended during show week (Amusement Expo International), the Annual President’s Reception, until the show closed I witnessed an industry roaring back after one of – if not the – worst periods in its history.

“If you told me six months ago, this is where the industry would be in July, I would have questioned your sanity, and yet, here we are. As vaccines were rolling out and restrictions lifted, business returned like an avalanche, swiftly, unexpectedly and almost overwhelmingly. We were told to expect the economy to come back on a kind of dimmer switch, instead it blasted on like a searchlight.”

Gustafson said that the business is still a long way from perfect, as labour shortage is a national problem acutely impacting the industry, as is the broken global supply chain, but it is not a problem because of the demand from the paying public for the form of entertainment the industry provides.

We, Coinop Spare ltd. are happy to read this news, because business is back for FECs, and more tokens and redemption tickets will be needed.